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10 Heartwarming Signs Your Dog Loves You

on September 20, 2023


Dog lovers may occasionally question whether our furry companions genuinely love us. After all, we picked them to be in our family – they didn’t really have a choice. So how do we, as their owners, know that they are happy with us? Our loyal canine friends have a unique way of expressing their emotions, but deciphering their signals can deepen the bond we share and reinforce that they do, in fact, love us. This blog identifies ten unmistakable signs that are indicative of your dog's affection and love for you. From tail wags to meaningful eye contact, we'll delve into the heart of your pup's feelings and help you understand how they speak the language of love.

Tail Language: Wagging With Joy

A wagging tail is one of the most recognizable signs of your dog's love. A happy dog will wag its tail enthusiastically when they see you, displaying genuine excitement and affection. Keep an eye on the speed and direction of the wag – a wag that starts at the base of the tail and causes the whole rear end to sway indicates a joyous welcome and a deep connection. Additionally, if your dog is wagging their tail to their right, they are most likely feeling relaxed and happy to see you.

adult black and white Border collie on forest

Gazing into Your Eyes

Eye contact is a powerful indicator of affection in dogs. When your pup locks eyes with you, it releases oxytocin – the same "love hormone" humans experience. This gaze shows your dog's desire to connect on a deeper level, and it's a heartwarming affirmation of the bond you share. Additionally, eye contact in the dog world can indicate signs of aggression, so when your dog voluntarily makes eye contact with you, especially with “soft eyes,” they absolutely trust and adore you.

brown dog lying on beige mat

Leaning In for Cuddles

Physical touch is another way dogs express their love. If your dog leans against you, cuddles up on your lap, or snuggles beside you, they're seeking comfort and reassurance. This physical closeness is a clear indication that your pup trusts you and finds both joy and solace in your presence.

Happy Jumping and Playful Behavior

When your dog playfully jumps around you or engages in joyful antics, it's a clear display of their love and excitement. Their exuberant energy reflects their happiness at being with you and their eagerness to share in the fun.

man and dog playing during golden hour

The Tail Follows the Leader

Observe your dog's tail when they're walking beside you. If their tail is held high and wagging gently, it signifies pride and loyalty. Dogs that walk with their tails raised and touching you are essentially "marking" you as their cherished companion.

Bringing You Treasures

If your dog brings you their favorite toy (e.g., a stick or a sock), they're presenting you with a "gift" as a sign of their love and trust. In the wild, dogs share their spoils with pack members, and your dog's gesture mirrors this instinctual behavior.

brown toy poodle puppy on sofa

Ears and Body Language

A dog's body language speaks volumes about their feelings. When your pup's ears are relaxed or slightly forward and their body is loose, it signals contentment and comfort in your presence. On the other hand, ears pulled back, and a lowered head might indicate submission, but coupled with relaxed body language, it can show your dog feels safe and adores you.

For a deeper dive into dogs’ body language, check out our blog here.

man in blue shirt hugging black and white short coated dog

The Welcome Home Ritual

When you return home, your dog’s over-the-top excitement is a heart-melting indicator of their love. Their whole-body wiggles, vigorous tail wags, or happy, high-pitched barks can indicate that they are ecstatic to see you and are actually saying, "I missed you, and I'm thrilled you're back!"

Some dogs even exhibit “displacement” behavior, which is when they are so overwhelmed by excitement to see you that they have to do something, anything else, to get their energy out, including picking up a toy or blanket around them and bringing it to you.

Sleeping Close By

Where your dog chooses to sleep is a telling sign of their affection. If they opt to sleep near you, whether on your bed or in a dog bed nearby, it shows they feel secure and close to their favorite person.

Golden Retriever lying on bed

Mirroring Your Emotions

Dogs are incredibly attuned to human emotions and often mirror your mood. If your dog responds to your sadness with cuddles and licks or if they get excited when you're happy, it's a testament to their emotional connection with you. Your pup is not only in tune with your feelings but is actively trying to comfort and uplift you.


While our furry friends might not speak our language, they have their own unique ways of expressing love and affection. From tail wags and joyful jumps to cuddles and meaningful gazes, dogs communicate their feelings through a language of their own. Understanding these heartwarming signs can strengthen the bond you share with your beloved canine companion. So, the next time your dog looks into your eyes or wags its tail, know that these gestures are their way of saying, "I love you." Embrace these moments and cherish the special connection that only a dog's unconditional love can provide.


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