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Best Dog-Friendly Fall Vacation Destinations

on September 28, 2023

As autumn leaves begin their colorful transformation, it’s natural for humans and dogs alike to feel lured by the outdoors. The crisp air, cooler weather, and scenic landscapes of fall make it one of the best times to take a vacation. And for dog owners, it's an opportunity to explore new places with our four-legged companions. So, where should you head this fall for the perfect dog-friendly getaway? Read on for our top picks for dog-friendly fall vacation destinations you and your furry friend will surely adore.

Note: Always check local guidelines and restrictions when traveling with pets. Additionally, ensure your accommodations are pet-friendly before making reservations.

white dog carrying tree branch while running

Asheville, North Carolina

Why it's a perfect travel destination with dogs: Asheville boasts an abundance of dog-friendly walking and hiking trails, from the serene Craggy Gardens to the picturesque Blue Ridge Parkway. Many of the city's restaurants and breweries also welcome pets, which is the perfect refuge for a post-hike pit stop.

Why visit in fall: The Blue Ridge Mountains offer an awe-inspiring canvas of fall colors, and the cooler temperatures make hikes more comfortable for you and your pup.

Burlington, Vermont

Why it's a perfect travel destination with dogs: With its scenic waterfront and extensive system of parks and trails, Burlington offers endless opportunities for outdoor play with your dog.

Why visit in fall: The New England fall foliage is world-renowned, and Burlington is no exception. Witness the fiery reds, oranges, and golds while exploring this charming town with your pet.

Don’t forget to brush up on your photography skills to capture your pup in the autumnal glory. Click here for our tips on taking the perfect fall photo.

white and black long coated small sized dog on brown leaves

Door County, Wisconsin

Why it's a perfect travel destination with dogs: Door County's Peninsula State Park offers both dog-friendly trails and beaches where your pooch can play freely, whether they prefer sniffing on land or swimming in the water.

Why visit in fall: This peninsula is famed for its autumnal cherry and apple harvests. You and your human companions can pick fresh fall fruits while your dog frolics in the open spaces.

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

Why it's a perfect travel destination with dogs: This coastal town has a well-deserved reputation for being dog-friendly. Dogs can run off-leash at Carmel Beach, and many restaurants and inns warmly welcome pets.

Why visit in fall: While Carmel's weather remains relatively mild year-round, fall brings fewer tourists, allowing for a more relaxed experience for anyone visiting.

a dog standing in the water

Bend, Oregon

Why it's a perfect travel destination with dogs: Bend has over a dozen off-leash dog parks, and the Deschutes River Trail provides ample opportunity for refreshing walks.

Why visit in fall: Fall in Bend sees a drop in tourists in the fall season but not in the number of activities. The foliage changes are subtle yet beautiful, and the weather remains ideal for outdoor adventures.

Need tips for smoother and more controlled walks with your pup? Check out our blog here.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Why it's a perfect travel destination with dogs: The nearby Acadia National Park has several dog-friendly trails, and Bar Harbor itself offers numerous pet-friendly accommodations.

Why visit in fall: The vibrant fall foliage in Bar Harbor and Acadia is a sight to behold. Plus, the fall months see fewer crowds, giving you and your dog a more peaceful environment to explore the sights.

brown and white dog covered with green and white blanket


Fall vacations with your dog can be a memorable experience, especially when you pick the right destination. These spots offer a combination of stunning fall scenery and ample activities for both humans and their pets. So, pack your bags, grab a leash, and embark on a delightful autumn adventure with your furry best friend!

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