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How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer Heat

on May 24, 2023

As a dog owner, you know those long and luxurious summer days are just as fun for you as they are for your pup. Nothing beats jumping into a pool on a sweltering day or going out for long nature hikes. However, with temperatures often exceeding 90 degrees during those scorching summer months, keeping your furry friends cool is essential for their well-being.


Whether it’s a shady retreat to snooze in or frozen treats to munch on, the key is to ensure your dog’s body temperature stays safe so that dehydration and overheating don't become issues. (Check out this blog for more information on what overheating and heat exhaustion can look like in a dog and how to avoid them.) Scroll on for our top tips on beating the summer heat with your pup.



Provide Plenty of Shade

Use umbrellas and canopies to shelter and protect from the sun.


When outside in the hottest months, providing plenty of shade and shelters in strategic locations is critical, especially if you aren’t in an area with natural shade from trees or patio roofs. Setting up an umbrella or canopy in the yard can give your pup respite from direct sunlight and help them beat the heat while still offering flexibility to explore and play outdoors.



Give your Pup a Cool Place to Lay Down

Invest in a cooling bed and use a fan to keep air circulating bedding.


Many options on the market boast natural cooling properties (e.g., raised, ventilated beds for outdoor use). Consider purchasing a unique, summer-proof lounge for your pet to enjoy. Additionally, keep their designated lounge spot cool by setting up a fan to keep air circulating. And for those extra hot days, you might even want to set up two fans!



Keep your Dog Hydrated

Provide plenty of fresh water, especially when they’re playing outside.


Keeping your dog hydrated during the summer is essential, especially when they’re enjoying some outdoor playtime! Make sure to provide plenty of fresh water for them on hot days to help keep them cool and hydrated. Having multiple water bowls available is also a great idea – you’ll know your pup always has access to clean drinking water, and it’s especially helpful if you have multiple dogs. Want to try something extra special for your furry friend? Purchase a doggy pool or a kiddie pool and fill it with cool water for them to splash around in (or, as many do, to use as a giant water dish).



Adjust your Regular Walk Schedule

Opt for mornings or evenings when it’s cooler outside.


Taking your pup for a walk is a standard and healthy practice to incorporate into your daily routine; walks provide mental and physical stimulation and allow you to enjoy quality time together! But in the summer, taking long walks in the heat can take a toll on you and your dog. Plan or adjust your walking schedule around the morning or evening hours when the sun isn’t as scorching to keep them extra safe and comfortable. This way, you can still provide an energy outlet and have fun while avoiding direct exposure to harsh rays. Plus, not having to worry about too much heat comes with its own benefits: cooler dogs generally have more endurance and are happier overall!



Invest in Cooling Products

Water beds, ice packs, and cooling mats are ideal for hot pups to lay on!


Keep your pup cool in the summer heat with a few simple investments to help regulate your furry friend's temperature. For your home, consider buying them an elevated bed to place in a kiddie pool so they can dip their paws in the water and stay cool. If you want to go out for a park day, bring along some cooling relief with an ice pack or cooling mat to lie down on. With these items in your arsenal, your pup can comfortably spend more time outdoors with you, keeping the playtime going!



Give your Pup Frozen Treats 

Try freezing or cooling snacks in the fridge for a chilly treat on a hot summer day.


Beat the summer heat in an exciting way – with delicious frozen or cooled treats for your pup! Several popular brands offer frozen dog-safe ice cream (usually found in the freezer aisle at your local grocery store), or you can make your own! Try freezing dog-safe bone broth and kibble into a crunchy, refreshing “pupsicle” or freezing peanut butter on a licky mat. Keeping these in your fridge or freezer is the perfect solution to help your furry friend stay cool and content during those hot days. Monitor their eating habits since it can be easy to overindulge them on these yummy chilled snacks!


Summer days can be ruff on man’s best friend, but with the proper steps, you can help your pup stay cool so they can have as much fun in the summer heat as you! Check out all of K9 & Company’s offerings now to help get your summer collection started.


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