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Potty Problems No More! The Ultimate Guide to Successfully Potty Training Your Pup

on July 24, 2023


Are you ready to say goodbye to pesky potty problems and ensure your pup is trained correctly? Whether you are a new dog owner or have been raising dogs for years, this guide has essential tips and tricks to ensure you and your pup succeed on your potty training journey.


Getting to Know Your Dog

Before you start potty training your pup, it’s essential to get to know them and develop a thorough understanding of who they are. Dogs have unique personalities just like us, so paying attention to their behaviors is essential to building a successful relationship and a better training experience.

Understanding your dog’s personality and common behaviors will help you discover how they learn best and pinpoint the ideal methods to coach them. For example, does your dog prefer verbal praise or food as a reward for positive behavior? Taking the time to learn answers to these types of questions will help you tailor the potty training process accordingly. 



Preparing for Potty Training Success

When preparing for potty training boot camp, remember the basics! Stock up on items like pick-up bags, training treats, indoor crate pads or absorbent mats, and cleaning supplies—they'll become essential during this process. Then, identify a designated potty spot outside in which to practice consistently.

Once your space and supplies are ready, it’s time for the last item you’ll need: time. Get ready to develop a schedule and routine for yourself and your puppy to ensure that they can consistently practice going potty in the appropriate location.

As a bonus tip, remember that crate training and potty training can go hand-in-hand – here’s a refresher on crate training that may supplement your potty training success. 

Housebreaking 101

It’s time to implement potty training essentials into your routine, and the key points to remember are anticipation, consistency and scheduling, and positive reinforcement. 


As an owner, it’s important to anticipate accidents and adequately deal with the aftermath when they occur. If you see your pup squatting down to potty, promptly take them outside and try not to let them do their business in the house. If you do this every time, they should eventually pick up the pattern! 

Additionally, remember that dogs have an incredible sense of smell and know where they’ve left a mark, so try and clean messes quickly so they don’t think their accidental spot is an appropriate potty spot. Additionally, though you may get frustrated, remember that negative reinforcement won’t prevent future accidents; dogs respond best to positive reinforcement (i.e., do not punish an accident, instead reward a successful outside session). While it may be challenging, don’t get discouraged when accidents happen; perfection takes time!


Consistency and Scheduling

Setting up a consistent environment conducive to learning is an integral part of successful potty training for your pup. Deviations from routine can deter your pup’s progress, so it’s crucial to create a routine for going to the bathroom and ensure your dog follows it with few deviations. 

When deciding your dog’s potty schedule, be realistic! There are no hard and fast rules for when to take your dog out; the most important part is consistency. For example, you could take your pup out ten minutes after every meal or every other hour until you understand when the urge strikes. Whatever you decide, follow your schedule daily until you’ve got it down pact. 

There are supplemental items that may make potty time easier to communicate, such as doorbells that a dog will nudge when he needs to go out. You may consider that as you get more advanced in your training, but it’s best to start simple!

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement is one of the most effective ways to train a dog, and potty training is no exception. Once you determine the type of motivation that works best with your dog, you can hone into the nitty gritty of potty training. When they do go potty outside, throw your own potty party! Celebrate the heck out of a job well done with treats, praise, and anything that lets them know they did right. 

Maybe you’ve heard the (now antiquated) advice to “rub their nose” in their mess –it doesn’t actually accomplish anything, just instills distrust in your new puppy. Remember: be pawsitive for stellar results.

Additionally, be sure to reward yourself with incremental progress. Try setting milestones and celebrating little successes when they are achieved! Logging progress can help track what has worked (or hasn't) and may help you troubleshoot failures. 


The Final Steps

Successfully potty training your pup is achievable with guidance and patience. Learning your pup’s unique personality, stocking up on the right supplies, and creating a positive and consistent environment can make housebreaking a breeze. Finally, continually reinforce desired behavior over time to ensure lasting results. With practice, you’re sure to have a potty-trained champion! 

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