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Prepare Your Dog for Summer Break!

on June 06, 2019

Prepare Your Dog for Summer Break!

Holy smokes… It’s almost summer break time! Summer break comes with a lot of expectations, particularly for pet parents with kids who will be home with a lot of free time. While you are busy trying to ensure that everyone is happy, you could accidentally forget that your dog also needs your attention during the crazy, hectic summer time.

As a good pet parent, you know that your four-legged friend needs your attention. But how do you fit it all in? How do you prepare your dog for the summer break?

How Routine Changes May Affect Your Dog

Routine changes that happen over the summer break don’t just affect humans, they also impact your dog. Why? Because your dog is used to regular routines, schedules, faces, and responses. Summer break unintentionally throws this all up in the air for your furry BFF.

Some dogs may find it difficult to adjust to new routines and seeing different faces during the summer break. This can lead to anxiety, possessive behavior, acting out through accidents or destruction of belongings. This is why it’s important to consider your dog’s emotional needs during your preparation for summer break.

Steps to Take to Prepare Your Dog for Summer Break

During the summer break, there are so many changes that may influence your routine and your daily dog habits. If summer break is on your radar, that means you have children. That’s why it’s helpful to help your dog adjust to new changes, particularly those that you see coming... Like spring break and summer break.

Here are some easy and helpful steps you can take to help prepare your dog for the summer break:

  • Start by establishing a routine that will work for your dog. This routine will enable your dog to get used to new faces and family members that will be visiting during the summer break. For example, if you typically walk your dog at 9 a.m. but know that your child will wake at 7 a.m. slowly transition your dog so that the adjustment isn’t done all in one day.
  • Maintaining regular meals and feeding schedule is important for your dog. Particularly if your dog has a sensitive stomach or any other health concerns. Nothing says ‘summer break’ like diarrhea. So, make sure that your kids understand the importance of keeping Fido on his/her regular meal schedule. No sneaking Twinkies or Gummy Bears. It’s important to maintain the meals and times that your dog eats.
  • It’s very helpful if you teach your kids the basic commands that will help the dog understand when they are coming and going. Your dog will likely get very excited when s/he sees people leaving or entering the house… It’s natural for your dog to want to join. Your dog will experience more ups and downs from this during summer break. Have your children and their friends use words and training techniques that help your dog understand when they can’t come. Like giving them a treat and saying, “be right back” when they leave. This should start early in the dog’s life so it’s not such a shock, but if it’s summer break and they’re learning it, it’s not too late.

Other Steps You Can Take to Help Your Dog Acclimate

As a pet parent, create a sense of calm so that your dog doesn’t display negative behaviors or act out over summer break. Here’s how:

  • Walk your dog very routinely. This helps to keep them calm, relaxes their mind, and helps to keep them normal with bowel movements.
  • Teach your kids pet safety and proper handling of your dog when leashed or in the car. Also, teach them various safe foods and treats for your
  • Create a comfortable space only for your This can be a crate or an unused portion of the laundry room. Wherever it’s located, this space should be free from loud noise and contain your dog’s favorite toys and dog bed.
  • Don’t forget to visit your dog’s veterinarian to keep up to date on vaccinations and tests to ensure good health. Also, if your dog seems more agitated during summer break, discuss this with your vet - you may find herbs, tinctures, and other answers to help keep your dog naturally calm.

Summer Break is a Time for Fun - For Everyone Including Your Dog

While the time seems fleeting, and soon your children will be grown, remember that memories include all of the family… This means your dog too. Some dogs just roll with the changes while others are less inclined to acclimate to the shifts in their daily routine. Think about what your dog, and your family, need in order for summer break to be a smashing success for everyone. And then get your whole family involved in making sure that Fido is enjoying summer break as much as the kiddos!




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