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The 3 Best Dog Friendly Beaches in The U.S.

on July 23, 2019

Summer is in full swing, and we couldn’t be any happier! Warm weather makes for great times with your dog. One of the things we love to do with our dog is go to the beach. We do this frequently, so we thought we’d share the 3 best dog friendly beaches to visit with your pup. Make sure you have all of your dog’s things packed, and let’s head out to the beach!

What Makes For A Good Dog-Friendly Beach?

It’s more than just water and sand! But, clearly, we will want those to be present. We also would like for there to be pet waste bags and receptacles available. As well as pet washing stations, leash-free areas, and even a few dog-friendly restaurants or food shacks nearby. Ideally, a good dog-friendly beach will have sitting and picnic areas, and yes, long runs of seashore for you and your dog to explore.

Image by Davies Designs from Pixabay


Is Your Pup Ready To Visit A Dog-Friendly Beach?

Before you visit a dog-friendly beach make sure that you have your dog’s license and vaccination tags, collar, harness, and leash. Also, pack a water bowl along with fresh water, and some treats. You’ll want to make sure that your dog responds to your commands. Last thing you want to have happen is a scene where you are chasing your dog all over the beach. No, it won’t be like the beautiful beach running in the Chariots of Fire movie… More so it will be like Jack Sparrow’s crazy, side-winded running in Pirates of the Carribean.

The 3 Best Dog Friendly Beaches to Visit With Your Pup

Huntington Dog Beach, Huntington Beach, California

This stunningly beautiful beach town is on the Pacific Coast Highway, where the mile- and a half-long dog beach is free to the public and open 7 days a week from 5 am to 10 pm. This dog beach runs along the bluffs between Goldenwest and Seapoint streets, and is the only part of Huntington Beach where well-behaved dogs are allowed off-leash. Props to The Preservation Society of Huntington Dog Beach, the non-profit that manages the Dog Beach, which has been consistently voted one of the top Dog Park/Beaches.  

The Huntington Dog Beach amenities include low-cost parking (the rates help maintain the Dog Beach), public restrooms, a grassy area with picnic tables, and doggie waste bags. Also, the non-profit volunteers and donors keep the Dog Beach well maintained with four weekly beach cleanup opportunities. If you like to camp, the Bolsa Chica State Beach RV Park offers year round reservations, and has a paved walkway that will lead you to Huntington Dog Beach as well as numerous dog-friendly restaurants.

Image by dfaen from Pixabay


Montrose Dog Beach, Chicago, Illinois

One of the largest freshwater lakes in the world, Lake Michigan on the Chicago side, is home to a great dog park! The Montrose Dog Beach is akin to the Huntington Dog Beach in that Montrose is managed by a philanthropic group where you can volunteer and donate to help maintain the beach. However, unlike the Pacific ocean of Huntington, at Montrose the dogs are free to take a sip from the fresh, crystal clear, salt-free water.  

Montrose Dog Beach is one and a half miles of pure doggy heaven - and one of the only legal dog beaches. Montrose is in the Uptown area of Chicago, northeast of the infamous Wrigley Field baseball park, off of the equally dazzling Lake Shore Drive. Montrose Dog Beach has a corrugated fence to demarcate it’s area, and is surrounded by thick lake sand and grassy areas. Dogs go crazy at Montrose Dog Beach thanks to the cool waters of Lake Michigan. Bring towels and treats, because we think you will stay a long while at this dog-loving beach.

Dog Beach, Fort Myers, Florida

Can you say, “aaaaaaah”? Well, when we visit Dog Beach in Fort Myers, that’s pretty much all that comes out of our mouth. This stunning white sand beach is a dog’s, as well as a human’s, idea of paradise. You’ll want to check the tides for this ocean front beach, just to keep things nice and safe. At Dog Beach, dogs are king and allowed to run free on this beautiful beach setting. Parking is free, and while the toilets are less than ideal (portables), thanks to a gracious donor, there are doggie shower stations provided to rinse your dog off once done frolicking. 

Dog Beach is on a perfectly glorious strip of land on Lover’s Key State Park, with the shallow and calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico to play in. You should note that Dog Beach relies on you to watch and pick-up after your dog. Bring poop bags, flip-flops, a beach towel, and a big beach hat and you’ll be set to play with your pup all day long at Dog Beach. Heck, you can make a day of it with a beach umbrella and some dog treats. If you forget something to eat, don’t worry, there are nearby food trucks Want a peak at Dog Beach? Here you go:

Now Go Visit a Beach With Your Dog!

After reading our selections, we’re sure you have your own favorite dog-friendly beach that you’d like to share with us. Drop the information in the comment section below - maybe we’ll highlight it an upcoming article. Visiting a dog-friendly beach with your fuzzy BFF is one of the best things to do in the summer. I don’t know about you, but we get a big laugh watching our dogs cool off by running in and out of the water on a hot summer day. It’s one of the pure joys of being a pet parent!




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