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The Best Dog-Friendly Summer Vacation Destinations

on May 22, 2023

Are you looking for the ultimate destination for a dog-friendly summer getaway? From quiet coastal towns with luxurious beachside strolls to adventurous forest hikes in the mountainous outdoors, there's something for every type of canine parent out there. Keep scrolling and read our picks for your next vacation destination this season, perfectly designed with your four-legged friend in mind. So, grab your pup's leash, and let’s go on an adventure!




From the rocky coastlines of Big Sur to the pristine desert oasis of Palm Springs, the Golden State has something for everyone.


California has frequently been the setting for many cinematic and visually stunning scenes in television and movies. For example, Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey takes place in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and the sequel in San Francisco. (Fun fact, we’ve ranked this movie in our top seven dog movies we love – check out the whole list here).


From the picturesque rocky coastline of Big Sur to the tranquil desert oasis of Palm Springs,  there's sure to be something to fit everyone’s taste in the Golden State. Try a day trip to Malibu Beach to let your dog chase the waves, adventure up Mount Shasta for scenic views, or enjoy a hike around Lake Tahoe. Whatever you pick, we can guarantee you’ll make some life-long memories. And with the increasing abundance of dog-friendly hiking trails and off-leash parks, there's never been a better time for the four-legged members of your family to join in on the exploration too! So pack your camera, pick up some road trip snacks, and get ready to experience California.




The Rocky Mountains are a playground for humans and dogs alike, with loads of trails, parks, and activities to explore.


There's no better place to take your pup for a fun day out than Colorado and its beautiful Rocky Mountains! With trails, parks, and activities, these majestic mountains have it all and are incredibly dog-friendly. This scenic state is famous for a reason! From long hikes on rugged terrain (have you heard of the notoriously tricky “14’ers” where you summit above 14,000 feet?), to leisurely strolls along open plains, to dog-friendly places for your pup to cool off and splash around in the water, Colorado offers plenty of opportunities for every dog and their human companion to enjoy. The stunning views provide the perfect backdrop for an experience you'll never forget! If you can tear yourselves away from the surroundings, don’t forget to check out other great activities like dog-friendly restaurants and breweries.




The picturesque coastline is home to quaint beach towns, lighthouses, and delicious seafood.


Maine is one of the best places to explore if you're looking for a memorable vacation with your pup. This state is bound to impress, from its cozy beach towns to long winding coasts enveloped by lighthouses. The scenery is fantastic, and your dog will have a blast chasing the big waves and birds on the coastline. And for the humans? Check out the fresh seafood - visiting an authentic lobster shack and ordering a classic lobster roll makes for an unrivaled and delicious experience. We also recommend checking out the hikes for you and your furball – they are breathtakingly beautiful and serene. 



Washington, DC

Our nation's capital is an excellent place for dog owners with its abundance of pet-friendly restaurants, parks, monuments, and attractions.


Washington, DC, is a venerable paradise for dog owners! With its beautiful parks, historical monuments, and numerous attractions, you and your pup can get all the exercise and stimulation you need. On top of all that, there are several pet-friendly restaurants where you can share special meals or doggy treats with your fur baby. Check out historical attractions like the National Mall or grab your perfect Instagram pic during the cherry blossom season, all excellent outdoor adventures for you and your pup. One thing’s for sure; DC fits the dog-friendly bill. 




The Islands of Aloha State offer plenty of sandy beaches and outdoor activities you and your pup can enjoy.


The islands of Aloha State offer plenty of activities and sandy beaches for you and your furry friend to explore. Whether you're headed to the coast to paddle board with your pup or heading into the jungle for some hiking, Hawaii has it all. While this state’s remote island location requires a few extra travel steps for you and your dog, the opportunity to adventure on one of the world’s most scenic beaches is an unparalleled experience. (Check out this blog for tips on getting to the island with your dog).

With year-round sunshine, mild temperatures, and breathtaking views, there's no limit to the opportunities for fun and adventure. And after an exciting day out in nature, treat yourself and your pup to Hawaii’s unique and delicious cuisines. 




Whether you want to visit the vibrant cityscape of Austin or explore the historic sites in San Antonio, there's something for every pup in Texas.


Texas is a great place to visit if you're traveling with your pup. With its vast and diverse landscapes stretching from deserts to prairies and even jungles, there's sure to be something here that appeals to every four-legged furry friend. 

Check out Austin, which is the perfect spot for an exciting city escape, not least because many of its outdoor attractions - such as Zilker Park - are pet-friendly. Alternatively, head over to San Antonio and soak up the sights of the historic Alamo before treating your pup to their own doggy ice cream cone or some delicious homemade pup treats.


Get out there and Adventure!

While it sounds bittersweet, the fact that we only get about a dozen summers with our dogs is inspiring to make the most of them. With so many unique destinations for you and your pup to explore, we clearly live in a dog's world. Whether cross-country or just around the corner, whether you want to take in some mountain air with your buddy or relax on the beach, you can go to plenty of places with your canine companion.


Don’t forget to stock up on your supplies for your next adventure! Check out all of K9 & Company’s offerings today to get on the road tomorrow!


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