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What Your Dog Would Tell You About the Meaning Of Life

on July 09, 2019

One of the most significant bonds that exist between two different species is that of humans and dogs. This relationship is as a result of our ability to influence and communicate with each other despite our differences. We cannot deny the fact that we also share some similarities. This is the basis for the human-animal bond.

Studies show that dogs, like other animals, are ‘stopped in time.’ Dogs live in the moment and don’t spend a great deal of time remembering past events or anticipating future ones. They typically only do this with things that brought them great joy or great pain or sorrow.


Image by labsafeharbor from Pixabay

Humans created a physical timekeeper and deploy artificial measures to determine the time. Dogs use an internal clock to do the same. Dogs, without a watch, are able to accurately tell when their owner will return from work and know when it's dinner time. Dogs also link smells and sounds to specific activities by relying on stimuli from their circadian oscillators and daily fluctuations of hormones, body temperature and neural activity, which causes them to react the same way at a particular time of the day, nearly every day. Dogs are pretty magical.

Why Living in the Moment is so Grand

For dogs, living in the moment is the meaning of life. they are content with being here now, and doing whatever it is at the moment without having any need to think back or forward or analyze or question what they are doing.

However, for humans, our memories play a significant role in how we understand the passing of time. Being able to remember past happenings in a sequential order affects our perception of time and gives us a sense of continuity, self-awareness, and control. The ability to remember past events and anticipate future events helps humans to plan and to stay safe and alive. This in itself has some weaknesses. As humans tend to be on guard, thinking and worrying about a past mistake or anticipating the future, and never truly living life to the fullest.

Image by Gisela Merkuur from Pixabay

In this way, humans are unlike dogs who live pretty much only in the present. Dogs truly have something going for them. They understand how to live. How to be. And how to relax.

What Your Dog Would Tell You About The Meaning Of Life

There is indeed a lot we can learn from the carefree outlook of our furry friends. We spend a great deal of money and exert a lot of effort into trying to relax. Perhaps we should be more like dogs. If we desire to exude the kind of calm demeanor that dogs display we should listen to what they would tell us the meaning of life is.

Be in The Moment!

Straight from our dog’s mouth to our ears. But how do we do it? Here’s how dogs do it:

Meditate and Breath Fully

Just like your dog, learn to sit and be. Don’t analyze or over thinking anything. Instead, concentrate on taking deep, full breaths to relax. Watch your dog do this. They use their noses to breathe in fully and exhale deeply and slowly.

The benefits of full breathing include:

  • Detoxification: breathing is the body's way of releasing toxins and purifying its systems. Inhaling and exhaling profoundly causes the body to release carbon dioxide, along with toxins.
  • De-Stress: Deep breaths help to alleviate anxiety and stress. Filling the body with oxygen, releasing tension and normalizing heartbeat to create a feeling of calm.
  • Calming Effect: Deep breathing provides the fastest way to feel and stay calm in any situation.


Stretching is second nature to your dog. They do it instinctively. Humans get the message that stretching isn’t socially acceptable. But dogs do it a lot, anywhere, anytime. This is a good indicator that stretching helps you be in the moment. Make time to stretch, fully, at least two times a day.

Image by André Santana from Pixabay

The benefits of stretching include:

  • Increased Flexibility: Regular stretching can help to increase flexibility, which is useful for mobility and staying active. Stretching allows for performing everyday activity with ease.
  • Increased Blood Flow: Regular stretching help to improve blood flow, necessary for the elimination of toxins and soothing to sore muscles. It’s also excellent for helping to maintain good blood pressure.
  • Back Pain Prevention: Regular stretching can help to prevent back pain, through the strengthening of back muscles. When you replicate your pup’s downward dog pose your helping your body calms the brain, and relieve stress and mild depression.

Be Open and Re-energize

Just like Rover, be kind and welcoming to everyone... And demonstrate loyalty, devotion, and love to your family and those closest to you. Welcome strangers, be open to possibilities and be a positive influence with everyone you meet. And, when you need a break, take it. No matter where you are at.

Image by Marilou Burleson from Pixabay

Some ways to be open and re-energize include:

  • Play Heartily: Whenever the opportunity presents itself, play as much as you can. Just like your dog, don't let other people's opinion stop you from having fun. Wiggle, run, frolic, and jump with all your might.
  • Connect: Be friendly and accommodating, as much as possible. Be interested in people. Unlike your dog, don’t sniff anywhere that may be problematic… But, show interest and connect with people.
  • Rest: One of the best things about dogs, is they can stop on a dime and chill. They listen to the needs of their Always take the time to give your body the rest it requires without feeling any guilt about it.
  • Sleep: On average, dogs sleep about 16 hours of the day. Not all at once mind you. They nap. Revive, and nap again. Be like your dog in this and not only get your full night’s rest but pay attention to your body’s needs for a nap or three.

Is Being in the Moment the Key to a Healthy Life?

Image by 5688709 from Pixabay

Based on watching my dogs, I’d have to say, “yes!” I learned this with my heart dog. He was able to get the last bits of joy out of every single day. Often he would sit on our deck, and watch the sunset, while I quietly read a book. I was amazed at his ability to sit and gaze like this for hours. He would breathe, in-and-out, intentionally heavy on exhalation and stretch out as the time went by. He knew the meaning of life. Be in the moment, be at peace, be kind to others and to yourself, and love those around you.




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