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The Dynamic Duo
The Dynamic Duo
The Dynamic Duo
The Dynamic Duo
K9 & Company

The Dynamic Duo

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The Dynamic Duo is a 2-in-1 slip lead and clip lead that is made from our signature soft rope that feels great in your hands and comfortable for the dog. This tool is designed to be used with or without a collar and is great for vet visits, hiking, and safely moving dogs around in boarding and daycare facilities and shelter and rescue environments.

These are not intended to be used as head halters. The Duo DOES NOT come with a safety. For head halters, you'll want to purchase The Sidekick.

Choose between the Regular size (3/8" in diameter), that will fit most dogs over 10 lbs., and the Mini (1/4" in diameter), for dogs of all sizes, but preferred for dogs under 25lbs as adults.

    All tools come with a lifetime guarantee, even if chewed!

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